Cutting The Cost Of Travel


Multi Stop Flights – Save A Small Fortune

I discovered a great way to tour the U.S.A for under £500 a few years ago. It started off as I needed some where fun to go to for New Years Eve, but struggled to find flights to anywhere fun for under £500 . The usual Thailand and Australia had sky high prices leaving no option […]


Find The Best Seat On The Plane

I must always manage the pick the worst seat when flying long haul. If you’re a bit like me, then the website Seat Guru will be your best friend. When you’re at this website, simply put in your flight route and airline and it will give you a layout of the aircraft you will be […]


Free Flight Upgrade Tip

Okay, whenever we talk about free upgrades on flights, people will always advise you to tell the front desk it’s your wedding anniversary or dress smart blah blah…we have heard it all before. Guess what, it never works (maybe once in a million). These front desk people must hear it a 100 times a day. […]


Browse Multiple Flights At Once

Spending the entire afternoon flicking through Ryanair, Easyjet etc… can be quite time consuming. For a long time now I and maybe lots of you out there already have been using an truly amazing website called This is my secret tool when looking for a low cost weekend break. The benefit of this website […]


Ryan Air Credit Card Fee- Beat The Charges

Well love it or hate it, Ryanair really has changed the world of short haul travel. Flying to Bremen in Germany is about as easy as getting on a bus, and often enough we pay bus prices. These low cost airlines have however started adding sneaky charges, making a £10 flight slowly grow into a £60 pound flight. Recently […]