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The Evolving Face Of Hotel Comparison: Introducing Triporia

I remember the days when my parents would start the annual task of booking a hotel for our summer trip to southern France. Always eager to visit new places, my father would get to work – armed with an Ordnance Survey map and a stack of hotel catalogues – eager to find the hotel of our dreams that was sufficiently close to the must see nearby attractions.

Cross-referencing the hotel catalogue with the crumpling set of maps, the task culminated in a shortlist of four to five hotels, which would be hotly contested with my mother and sister. Invariably, my dad got the hotel choice he wanted, but with that victory came the burden of potential disappointment – the buck stopped with dad, and if anyone was to blame for tarnishing our one holiday a year with a poor view, or pathetic water pressure, it was him.

Fast forward twenty years and the metaphorical leap of faith that comes with booking a hotel will be a distant memory to most. Broadband Internet gave birth to the Online Travel Agent (OTA) – which swiftly devoured the Local Travel Agent (LTA) – and soon after came verified reviews from websites like the mighty TripAdvisor.

With ease, one can now effortlessly browse thousands of hotels and vacation rentals, reviewing independently captured photos or perusing endless reviews from individuals that match thei demographic.

Great, right? Well… Not so, the paradox of endless choice can often leave us overwhelmed. The hotel shortlist that my father could put together in two or three hours now takes two or three minutes, the only problem is, it’s a list of five hundred hotels, not five!

The choice overload gave way to a new growth area in Travel (as well as pretty much every other vertical) – Hotel Meta Search. ‘Meta’, referring to a concept which is just an abstraction of another concept, we can now compare hotels on pretty much anything we like, in the market leader Trivago’s case, by booking agent.

With Trivago recently enjoying its tenth birthday, we can now bring you a new innovation in the hotel meta-search – map centric hotel comparison built for Mobile and a world of endless choice – Triporia. Here’s an example of how it works…

Run a search for Pimlico at Expedia and you’ll find over 70 hotels within a 1-mile radius:


The results are paginated, making comprehensive comparison difficult on Desktop, and impossible on a smartphone or tablet device. The sort feature is a little clunky, you cannot eliminate or shortlist your favourite hotels, and like with many hotel search engines, the map is not intuitively linked to the data in view (it’s actually at a different URL altogether).

Run the same search at Triporia, and you can compare 600 hotels, from the same data source, on the same web page or URL (thank you JavaScript!) – a crucial timesaver on poor 3G connections – comparing location, photos, guest ratings, and even street view, in a table format that we all recognise thanks to many years struggling with Microsoft Excel!


Easy? The site is still in beta and eager to gain feedback of what users would like to see (and what they don’t like seeing!) with the eventual aim of making hotel search simple, beautiful, and risk free for dad!

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