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Free SMS & Pic Messages Abroad- WhatsApp

Keep Running Out Of SMS Messages? Get WhatsApp!

If you have an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Nokia, then you need to download WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp allows you to send unlimited messages to other users for free so you are not eating into your SMS allowance – How Fantastic!

What’s more it doesn’t matter which of these handsets you have as you can still send messages to each other. So, for example if you have an iPhone and your friend has a BlackBerry, you can still use WhatsApp to keep in contact!

It gets better still – it is not just MMS messages that are free, you can also send free videos, images and audio messages; all of which are unlimited too!

If you have any friends or family abroad then there is no excuse not to stay in touch as WhatsApp is still free. This now means you no longer have to send emails to stay in touch or run up your phone bill with calls and text messages. Another advantage of WhatsApp is that you do not require Wi-Fi or any internet usage as it works the same way that text messages do.

Additionally, if you are on holiday abroad and want to get in contact with those still back at home, you can use WhatsApp and simply text; send an image or even a video. What’s App still remains free if you are in another country. However it is worth bearing in mind that when abroad WhatsApp will use international roaming. Therefore you need to find free Wi-Fi hot spots which shouldn’t be much of a problem. Places such as Cafes, train stations and even McDonalds offer free WiFi. Alternatively click on this to get a comprehensive list of free WiFi spots across the world.

The format in which WhatsApp works is also very user friendly as all messages, images and videos are displayed in the same way they are on MSN messenger, therefore it flows like a normal conversation. There is also a group chat function available should you require it.

You can download the app to your phone which is currently free. The App even synchronises with your phone’s contact book, therefore you do not need to have a separate contact list, it will seek out all users who have access to WhatsApp for you.

You do not need to log in and out of Whats App as it remains on and connected at all times. Futhermore, there are no usernames or pin numbers to remember with WhatsApp. To personalise WhatsApp you can use the ‘Status’ feature available to let your contact know what you are up to – i.e. at work, in the gym, in a meeting, available etc. You can even add updates telling your contacts what you have been up to etc!

WOW- so many features and all for free! What an App (pardon the pun!)

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